Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gone wondering

Sorry to all of you out in netville, i know its been a while since my last post, but certain events did not allow me to post and now they are demanding i post. I started this blog to vent, and thats what i am going to do.

Recently, a very close friend of mine suffered from a condition that affected her health (i dont want to go into details). Calls to the emergency SOS doctors were answered with the response - 'this is too serious for us to deal with, get her to a hospital quick!'. So the ambulance was called and their response - 'It doesn't sound important enough, and besides we cant come now'.

I realise that the emergency services around the world are sometimes over - used. People call them when their is no need. The problem is just recently in Thessaloniki Greece, a report was released revealing that the Emergency Ambulances were corrupt, only responding to calls from relatives and friends and other 'special' people. Knowing this - knowing the amount of corruption that exists here - i am left wondering. What exactly happened that night...