Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thoughts on corruption

Greece is - once again in the midst of corruption scandals that are rocking both major parties, and so far the positions of both parties is - We know nothing - lets all keep quiet until more come to light, oh and lets not ask too many questions.

The trouble with corruption in Greece that it is sooooo prevalent that people here don't really care that it happens...

The following is an interesting quote on corruption... from Thomas Bata, a Czechoslovakian entrepreneur of the 1920's

"Let's bear in mind that the chances to multiply wealth are unlimited. All people can become rich. There is an error in our understandings - that all people cannot become equally rich. Wealth can not exist where the people are busy with mutual cheating, have no time for creating values and wealth. It is remarkable that we can find the greatest number of wealthy tradesmen and a population on a high standard of living in countries with a high level of business morality. On the other hand, we can find poor tradesmen and entrepreneurs and an impoverished population in countries with a low standard of business morality. This is natural because these people concentrate on cheating one another instead of trying to create value.