Tuesday, July 10, 2007

And in the end what was achieved...

The big question now is What have we achieved by our protest?
I must admit, following the protest many people said Wow Great! Its good that people went, but when i ask if they went the common reply was "Nooo, why should i, nothing will change, all the politicians are corrupt/incompetent and nothing will ever change".

Well in part i agree with them and i truly understand where they are coming from. I am not naive (well maybe a little) and i know how things work here in Greece. But the 5000 at least who turned up - we knew the truth but we did not let that get us down. In my opinion if you do nothing then can you complain if you get ignored? Why should the politicians change their ways?
By at least making our voices heard, by protesting, by engaging in this Sysiphian task at least we are trying to change things. Lets not make things easy for them.

I also believe that the people who turned up were REAL Greeks, people who were really concerned about this land and country than a political party.


Eleni Zoe said...

First time commenter!

I think it is awesome that 5000 people made it out there. I did not attend the protest on Sunday not because I don't believe that protests such as those won't bring about change(they might) but because I would rather spend my day off with my nephew on a small mountain in Athens teaching him to love and respect nature.

And FYI, I consider myself a REAL Greek. ;)

Vassili - Mike said...

Wooohooo I like first time commenters!

You are absolutely correct and you did a fantastic thing by teaching your nephew to respect nature!

And that comment about real Greeks, not directed at you of course but to those who use that tag to justify their inaction. How crazy is it when you say i care for the environment and the response is well your not Greek. Crazy!
So no insult intended

Unknown said...

I think what we all need in SE Europe is RAIIIN!!!!