Thursday, October 11, 2007

Blog Action Day for the Environment

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

Well ok since i have been writing on the environment, i have decided to add my voice (or word) in support of the environment and a better future.

Blog Action Day which is this Saturday October 15th, aims to unite bloggers from around the web and riase the profile of environmental issues. It hopes that every blogger who signs on will post about the environment in their own way and relating to their own topic. So you can be an IT blogger and blog about how IT relates to the environment.

For my part i hope to shed some light on environmental issues here in Greece. Maybe i should start by saying that I am not a Greenie. Environmental concerns took second place behind employment. For me it was far more important that people be employed than looking after the environment. It was only when i came to Greece years ago that i changed.

My parents described to me the Greece they left behind. Fresh water springs in the village and on the road to the next village. Forests full of game where my Grandfather would hunt Minks, foxes, wild boar and wolves. Tree lined streets full of birds chirping.
But when i got here, there were water shortages, wild animals virtually extinct. Forests no more. And the work people were employed in. Electricity from brown coal fired furnaces. Brown coal which is the cheapest and nastiest coal available, guaranteed to give locals breathing disorders and cancer.

So thats when i started thinking about the environment. An environment which has been stolen from me and future generations. Why should a select few, an elite enjoy it where it still exists. Why should these miserable fuddy duddys (elderly) be the only ones to remember the good old days. Why shouldn't I have those memories. Thats when i discovered Sustainable development. Where it isnt an either / or dilemma. As human beings we are smart enough to make decisions where we dont have to sacrifice the environment for a cheap buck.

Anyway, enough said for now, stay tuned, and any questions you have, i will try my best to answer.

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day


Kat said...

It's a great idea, however I blog about the environment on a regular basis and don't feel I need a special day. I hope everyone will understand if I choose not to participate

Vassili - Mike said...

I hear you Kat and i usually feel the same way. Most times when we give something a special day, its an excuse to ignore it the other 364 days (or 365? :)

susankellogg said...

I think it is in our nature. We rare care about the things we have, and only when we lose them we regret that we have never cared about them before. It is all about what we do with our planet. We are used to spoil it we have been doing this for more than a century. I think, people will seriously care about the Nature only when there remains the last tree, and the last river and the Nature will have nothing more to give us. Then we will have nothing to pollute and nothing to care about…