Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Heads up - Taxi strike tommorrow

Just letting you guys out there know that there is a taxi strike tommorrow. So a perfect day to take your car - without all the taxis about it should be a smooth ride.
The reason for the strike - they are demanding a 10% pay rise.
Wish i would get half as much, and i would be half as rude!


graffic said...

Taxi in Greece is quite cheap if you compare it with other countries in Europe. The good from this is that a lot of people uses taxi, hence more taxis are needed, and start again (Good for business).

The risk if they increase the price over the inflation rate is the inverse cycle. More people will think twice to get a taxi. So in the end they will get the same money.

But I forgot that a some people in Greece will take a taxi even if its 300% more price. Only no to show the others that they cannot afford a taxi.

PS: I've met really good taxi drivers. And I can say to the one who helped me to bring my TV home: Thank you very much again. Of course, I've met the opposite ones :P

dorin said...

I agree with you graffic. A taxi trip in Athens is cheap compared with the taxi prices in Bucharest for example. I have a friend who works as a taxi driver in Athens and it is a very polite and honest person despite all the stories we listen about the behaviour of the taxi drivers regarding foreigners. In 1999 I took a taxi from Pireas harbour to Agia Varvara but I didn't know that if I want to put my bags in back I have a to pay more money. The driver cheated me because I was having only a small bag... What about the Radio Taxi Hellas company? It's a good taxi company or not?

I like your blog so keep posting...