Monday, June 9, 2008

Lesbians VS Lesbians!!!

Do you want to see two Lesbian factions fight it out on a Greek Island this summer? Thats right, this summer two groups of Lesbians will engage in a fight to find out who is the TRUE Lesbian. Interested? Then stay tuned and keep your eye on Greece!

Its not what you think by the way....

Residents from the island of Lesbos (otherwise known as Myteline) are taking to court (If what i heard is correct) the Gay and Lesbian Association of Greece, for misappropriate use of the word Lesbian. Thats right, Lesbians (people from Lesbos) are suing Lesbians (women who are romantically attracted to women) for mis-using the name of Lesbos.

Its true, there are many grandmothers out there who will never see a grandchild named after them. It is very common in Greece for people to be named after places, and to name kids after grandparents. So it is very common to see on the island of Lesbos 50-60 year old women called Lesbia, but no grandkids named after them. Oh the trauma those kids would face in school! I got teased being called Vassili, i can only imagine what it would be liked to be called Lesbia! It is also quite uncommon to find a kid called Sappho.

Oh the shame to be called a Lesbian! Actually it is a shame that people feel as though they have to be ashamed, (for islanders or for sexual orientation). Despite Greece being well known for places such as Mykonos or Lesbos (which holds an annual festival to Sappho and promotes same-sex couples to visit). Homo-sexuality still has a social stigma attached to it here. Everyone knows that many famous TV personalities and Politicians were and are homo-sexual, but everyone pretends that they are not just so we can keep up pretenses. Until recently the famous comment was that there is only one homo-sexual in Greece, the President of the Gay and Lesbian Association.

I am not sure what the islanders hope to achieve with this action, but something tells me that Tourism might be on the increase to a certain island...


graffic said...

Ok, I guess they have the right to do that, let's see what happens.

In the other side, it's time to "face" the people that pretend that homosexuality is like a sin. Face means just look at him in the same way that person will look at you if you say you're gay.

Meanwhile I offer the same view to those who only like model woman and reject "real life" ones.

Unknown said...

haha, nice, nice..)))