Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ancient Olympia in Flames

Ancient Olympia is now in flames and are now 200 meters away from the museums and ancient Olympic Stadium, Archaeologists and museum personnel are fighting the fires with buckets and garden hoses. Villages are encircled by flames, police services are still missing and are no where to be seen, leaving villagers in confusion as to which way to escape.

Pictures taken from SKAI TV. A Nation waits with bated breath to see if its culture will be added to the death toll

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Unknown said...

These trees last for over 3000 years, ancient wars, the Balkan wars, two World wars, a civil war, but unfortunately the stupidity of modern greek politician is stronger than all the previous events!!! I'm looking forward to see what the stupid greek nation (yes we are all part of the problem - because we vote for these USELESS F*#$s) will vote next... Which useless one is going to form government?