Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Poll

I have decided to change tact today. I really want to find out what impact these fires have hade on the Greece's image. I would love to do a detailed and comprehensive survey, but that is just not practical. So instead i am asking a simple question

"Do you believe the recent fires have harmed the image of Greece."

However a close friend would hassle me if i did not cover the qualitative aspect as well. So i would also appreciate it if you could leave a comment here and tell me "how and in what way your perception of Greece has changed" basically explaining why you voted the way you did.
It would also be great if you could include where you are from. Basically i just think its really great finding out where my readers are from :)


Unknown said...

i voted No...a Dutch in Istanbul.
you can get a free counter, as what i have. simple click on it.
you will find out easily where your readers are from

Unknown said...

I vote Yes.
Your Athenian m8, Yannis.

---EponNon--- said...

Who cares!

Zoe and Maria said...

I vote that these fires have only further exacerbated the global opinion of Greeks being lazy and unorganised, which is truly not the case!

As for "blogging blogger"... some people actually do care!

Rositta said...

I voted yes...A German in Canada
Here we obey the law, we have dry summers too and we have a cabin in the woods. We wouldn't think of burning garbage or flicking a ciggarette or breaking a "fire ban" imposed by the government. Burning down forests to get land is unheard of. I know many Greeks through business and they do like to "skirt" the rules somewhat. Are they lazy? Not the ones I know but unorganized, yes somewhat...ciao

ep said...

Firstly, I think humanity has become immune to disasters (natural or not) and I don't think these fires made more than a slight dent in the collective unconscious. Secondly, I think the most it did was reinforce the image of modern Greece -- the corruption, disorganisation, lack of self-sufficiency -- as being a far cry from the brilliance created by our ancestors...the thing we hold up as a badge of honour and are completely disconnected to (look, look...we saved Olympia!!). Will we learn from this disaster? Even now in the aftermath of the fires, there is no system in place to determine the legitimacy of victims in receiving govt funds. I guess I'm disappointed by the way we drag that ancient legacy through the mud. But I believe in the winds of change and find inspiration by surrounding myself with like-minded people who genuinely believe in the future of this country. I focus on their image of what Greece can be.

Athens, Greece

graffic said...


My opinion about Greece of course has changed a bit:
- I knew that the Greek government was people eating money. Now this confirms my thoughts again.
- Therefore its difficult to be organized. The results speak by themselves.

- Most of greeks don't care. What happens when you see one of the guys from the demostration throwing litter through the tram window? I got REALLY angry.
- The arsonists are not an excuse, are the reality. I bet which country can fight against arsonists... Even in Spain terrorist put bombs in an airpot... its very easy to start a fire.
- The goverment made mistakes, of course, but some greeks used it to get political benefits. If I were a bloody politician (not with the power), I'd put a black t-shirt, and I'd shout against the goverment with no symbols of my political party.

Therefore my full opinion about this will talk in the elections.

graffic, spaniard looking for a job in Athens.

MWS said...

Yes. I would not want to travel to Greece and end up staying in a hotel that was built with a land lease granted after these fires! In fact, I think you should keep track of these developments and send the names of complicit developers to Tourism Concern to ensure they NEVER make it to the Ethical Travel Guide! (so says a Singaporean living in Perth)