Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Death of a man

So yesterday morning, the Archbishop of Greece passed away in his sleep. After something like 8 months of fighting liver and stomach cancer, his immune system collapsing and despite the loan of the Prime Ministers lucky charm, the Archbishop died.

And so the country mourns, civil servants - as a result of a decision from the Holy Synod will get one day of this week to mourn and visit his corpse. Those of us working in the private sector, tough luck - NO HOLIDAY for YOU! Everyone is coming out and crying, oh the poor archbishop has died. Two Comments - 1 He was never poor but instead was a power hungry capitalist, looking back over his years in power one can see that it was a constant battle for land with churches he had no jurisdiction and secondly he was down in the mud fighting dirty politics for the right wing of politics which he has always espoused.

He will be buried with full honours of state. Another waste of money. He is not Greece's head of state, nor was he ever the head of Greek Orthodoxy as many in media and politics claim.
Theologically he was just the Archbishop of Athens and had no control over other bishoprics. This aint Catholicism, the Greek Orthodox Church is ruled by a synod and does not include Crete, many islands nor certain regions in the north. This power hungry man did his utmost to usurp power from the Patriarch of Constantinople in order to obtain title deeds to land not in his jurisdiction.

But everyone in the media is busy hagio-phying this man. Ooooh lets not talk ill of the dead, but as was pointed out to me, if George Bush died, would people do the same for him? Would they say of Bush -He was a kind man, he was a good man. Or would the communists and all the lefties (and righties) go out in the street partying? I think more the later. As such i refuse to engage in the hypocrisy i see now going on around me. The man did his most to divide Greece and dirty his religion by politicising it.


Unknown said...

I totally agree with you mate!

We both go straight to hell ;-)

Vassili - Mike said...

Hey look - Its not my hell. I dont believe in it.

CaliforniaKat said...

That's one thing I never understood. Once someone is dead, we are supposed to lie? If he didn't want people saying the truth after he was gone, perhaps he should have done more good while he was alive and mingling with us commoners paying his tab through life. I know that's harsh, but like I said...

I dare the black devil to strike me down ;)

super hero said...

i dont the man and i take it correct what you are telling about him.

but i believe, there is a minor issue which needs to be corrected, and that is, i dont know a place called Constantinople.

Anonymous said...

Let the church goers pay for his burial not the state

Vassili - Mike said...

Regarding Constantinople - I could sing that song - Istanbul was Constantinople; why they changed i cant say; maybe they just liked that better that way!

You are correct - Go to Athens International Airport and you cannot get a flight there, you can however get a flight Athens - Istanbul. The Patriarch's Title however is that of Constantinople - i do not believe that it ever changed to Patriarch of Insanbul.

Unknown said...

Great posts, great come back..))
Next time I come over to wake you up with Turkish coffee and Raki..))