Wednesday, January 30, 2008

No Holiday for YOU!

So as i mentioned yesterday, the country is having 3 days mourning for the passing of the Archbishop of Athens. People are visiting his dead corpse and wailing and gnashing their teeth. Tomorrow, public services will be closed in his honour. What this means for you and tourists is that ALL Archaeological sites will be closed. Thats right - You just flew in from Canada to see the Temple of Athena - STUFF YOU! It will be closed because a Greek Orthodox priest died.
That has got to be the Ultimate pay-back. I mean Christianity has won and is the dominate religion here in Greece, yet all these ancient temples will be closed to honour the passing of this divisive priest.

Perhaps the best thing i have heard yet is that Many Public hospitals have canceled scheduled surgeries and are taking the day off. Yes, that is the best way to remember the passing of Hristodoulos. A man who flew to Miami at Taxpayers expense to undergo a surgery which doctors KNEW he could not undergo, who stayed at this exclusive Miami hospital at TAXPAYERS expense till he could gather his strength to fly back - We remember him and his fight against cancer by reminding everyone else that he was better than us in every way and enjoyed rights and privileges we would never dream of abusing - By telling others who are fighting cancer - STUFF YOU - its a holiday, get back in line and wait.
Yes, memorable times....


Unknown said...

You forgot to mention the 5.000.000 euros that mr.Karamanlis gave to Hristodoulos as "present" for his illness!!!

Vassili - Mike said...

Really! are you being serious, i dont remember that

Anonymous said...

dread to think what would happen if I said that ! You know what I'm saying!

Anonymous said...

Nice to finally read some sensible coments about this whole sage.

Bravo Vassili

Welcome back


graffic said...

Without DVD's with sex or a similar scandal. Nobody will care. Is there someone stealing? Bah! no problem "amigo"! xalara!