Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hope for Greece

Well a big thanks to everyone who answered the poll and especially to those who wrote in.
Why i did it. Well i wanted to find out what other people thought, as simple as that. As i grow older most of my friends are fixed as are my thoughts and ideas. Therefore, its really easy to just fall into the trap that everyone thinks the same, or sometimes the reverse, that I am the ONLY person thinking like this.

Last Wednesday i went to the public rally in Syntagma square and when i saw the other 10 000 people (twice as many as turned out last time) all dressed in black, i was reassured. No i am not alone. Unfortunately it didn't get much press coverage. Most of the media chose to ignore it again. But i won't let that let me down.

And thanks to the people who wrote in, because i made me realise something even more important (see qualitative data IS useful) I realised that no matter what people voted, that everyone voted because they possessed a love of Greece. A love obviously much greater than those who set fire to Greece. And yes we can be disapproving and still love Greece. Maybe its like the love of parents who discipline their children. They only do it because they love them and want them to reach their full potential. And that is what i saw in the comments, people want Greece to be all that she can be. Yes it is a shame some people out there disagree and want to turn Greece into a miserable place all concrete. But if the will of the people of those who turned out to the rally is anything to go by, that won't happen soon.

Hmm and that ethics tourism is something to look into...


Unknown said...
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Vassili - Mike said...

Yes it does. You know how they say that outside pressure can help countries like Iran democritise. Well maybe they can help Greece in similar ways re: the environment etc...

graffic said...

This problem (I need a name for it) with the fires has been broadcasted in many countries.

As far as I know from Spain, all my friends called me to ask if I was alive or had any problem with the fires. They told me: "we say Greece in the TV". Even my mother told me that during some days they show it like it was in Spain. I guess because in Spain we have also a lot of fires.

Of course some of them told me about their thoughts, like:
- those greeks don't know how to manage fires.
- they have old and bad equipment.
- It's not really a modern country.

That's the image some of my friends got from Greece.

Unknown said...

I still owe you some photos m8 ;-)