Monday, September 10, 2007

Greece: Here be Communists

That's right, those bogeymen of the cold war still exist here in Greece. Founded in 1918, the KKE (Communist part of Greece) is perhaps the oldest surviving political party in Greece. During WW2 they offered fierce resistance to the invading Germans, following which they were hounded by the successive right wing governments and the military junta. In fact it was only with the election of the PASOK government that communists were able to receive pensions. The party was part of a joint government with New Democracy in 1989 which governed for a few years. Their current slogan is "You might not agree with everything we say, but vote for us anyway to show your displeasure with the top two parties" As a result they dont have a comprehensive political platform.

I am not going to go into what communism is etc, that would just take too long, instead i am going to focus on what it is now. From my unscientific observations of who turns up to their rallies, the party is currently made up of students and those over 60. Those over 60 follow the party so that the sacrifices of their comrades are never forgotten. I also notice that they hand out pamphlets to 15 year olds, and not to me. So they obviously single out students, which is why they seem to primarily focus on education.

They are against any reform to the education system, no private education should exist as education should be free for all. At the same time they complain that the system is a mess. So they don't want the system as it is, nor do they want any changes.

Their Leader Ms Papariga was asked during the debate 'Since you are against private education why did you send your daughter to private schooling (she did not mention that the daughter was sent to private American schooling - Not that there is anything wrong with it, its just that the KKE is so against anything American - whats that word - Hypocrite) to which she replied that the hours didn't suit her, what was she to do, freeze her daughter until the education system got better. All well and good until i remembered my relatives who are entering University. They chose to go to Universities which did not strike. That way they finish school on time and are able to work and help their families all the sooner. Otherwise if they went to an 'elite' school in Athens or Thessaloniki where the Communist student unions are strong, they would have been subjected to strikes which may have delayed their graduation by at least one year, if not three.
Ms Papariga gets to incite the students to strike against changes, to the detriment of their education while at the same time, her daughter studies problem free. (Some pigs are more equal that others).

I should also mention that the party harbours former (what the party calls fascists) trouble makers of the other parties. In Larissa they have on their ticket a major rabble rouser who would start riots in support of the Metropoliti (bishop) who was installed by the Military dictatorship and refused to leave even at the behest of the Holy Synod.

It also offers refuge to Ms Kaneli - another one of those trouble makers who have done the rounds with every political party. Before the last election her magazine almost went bankrupt, but was saved by a mysterious donor. In that magazine she published how George Papandreou was a mummy's boy ruled by the evil dowager (his AMERICAN mum - we all know how evil americans are). She also went on a rampage against his policy to hire Greek-Australians/Norwegians etc to the foreign office "They dont speak Greek in the foreign service" which i thought would be a good thing that the foreign service know a second language, but according to KKE's Kaneli - Thats Evil! She would also go on rampages against the EU (The KKE is against the EU, against admiting Cyprus, Turkey into the EU, had they the power they would have been against Greece entering) and commented that the only reason why Greece is in the Euro is so that the Germans can steal our money. She also commented that Eurovision song winner Paparizou is a bastard mongrel of mixed descent (seeing as she born in Sweden of Greek parents).

If the KKE can have such an evil person in its ranks, it obviously agree's with their policies. Before the fires i would have said that this party harms Greece more than any other party. It surely however insults our intelligence as human beings.


graffic said...

I will avoid to comment all the fairy/real tales about politicians, because I guess that in each political party you can find hundreds.

But, one thing is true about the education. Do not allow private education, and fight for a better public education.

I can tell my fairy/real tale about that, due to we have private education in Spain. First thing all spaniards know is: 90% of private universities you pay to get a degree. You don't have to study you only have to pay.

The rest are onyl for the best students who also have to pay. Those are the "good" ones, but see the difference. We're talking about 20 private universities, and 2 o 3 are really as we would want: you pay but you get the best education ever.

Therefore if your father/mother has money, you don't need to read those big books, lets make a small exam each week about what was explained that week.

In high school is different. I was 9 years of my life in one of those private, religious and private schools. Where your marks are in your surname, not in the exam you wrote. In your surname or if you play in the basket team, bla bla bla...

I was my last year in highschool in a public one. And that was the paradise :P you were "free", and I liked so much that.... I studied more. Because I was not pressed by rules and to meet the high standars of the school.

Also, I can say that public education must be improved. Nice teachers but overloaded with lessons.

About free education. In Spain we pay for the university, but you pay double if you don't study and you don't pass the exams. Of course you can fail some years, but doing as people do here... no, please.

And its more, I'd like to shout here about this: HOW the hell those guys that fill the university with banners, destroy chairs and tables to celebrate that their political party won, throw the frappe in the corridors, and litter all arround the TEI/univ.... how the hell are those going to save the education, if they're not able to take care of the basic things..

I'd like to see a political group in the university commiting people to take care of it, and telling: "this is how we do care about the university".

Ah! stop dreaming :)

Vassili - Mike said...

Graffic: You actually said it all a lot better than Me. I am not in favour of Private, in Australia Education has fallen as a result. But my dreams of Fully Public and Free were dashed when i saw what was happening here, as you say Destruction in Universities. How does that help anyone?
I suppose in desperation Private schooling offers a way out. of this mess. people can get degrees in Private Universities based on Merit and not based on Political affiliation which is what happens in Public.

Sissi Soko said...

Awfull, awfull, ugle, ugle...