Sunday, September 23, 2007

Trapped on Paros

Some times in order to survive Athens it is good to escape the Chaos of Athens every now and again. This time i have escaped to the island of Paros to enjoy the sun, fresh air, the natural beauty and leave my worries, troubles, pollution and traffic behind, all in the company of friends and relatives who have arrived here for the wedding of my brother.

Since i have come here to escape from Athens, why is it now that the boats cant leave for Athens i am all tense? High winds have meant that boats cannot leave the Islands on the return leg for Athens. I suppose there is something else about Athens that makes me want to return to it.


V@g€Li$ said...

It's the same thing that keeps five million people living together in this awful place... Scientists have given up trying to find it!! :D

Unknown said...

hehe, enjoy your extra days there m8 ;-)

Unknown said...

Vassilli, enjoy your holidays, no time for worries.
Congratulations with your brother and his wife!
If you are able, please share a picture on Internations.
I had a good time during the wedding of a friend of mine in Thesaloniki.
He is Greek, she is Turkish: a Love Story..))

Vassili - Mike said...

Many thanks, pics coming soon hopefully :)