Wednesday, May 23, 2007

But where have the Milan fans gone?

Liverpool fans in Syntagma

Yes, you're quite right, i have been focusing on the Liverpool fans, but thats only because the Milan fans are only just arriving.
The Milan fans have been delayed in arriving due to airport strikes which struck the nation just before they were due to leave. As a result the Liverpool fans have had Athens almost to themselves. According to the police and customs, 10 000 fans have arrived in Athens without tickets, without hotel bookings and without a clue.

For the most part they have been well behaved, if we overlook the drunkeness and public vagrancy. They are behaving like school kids without parent supervision. I'll explain.
In the UK now it's hard to relax, everyone is soooo uptight, can't say anything for fear of being called racist, sexist or intelligent. Blair has got them so worried that terrorists will enter their homes and blow them up that they have 24 hr sureveillance on them, oh and the pubs close early.
Now all of a sudden they arrive in Athens, The police ask them who they think are going to win, let them sleep in the parks and joy of all joys for them, they can purchase beer! from a Periptero, little shops and drink outdoors, in the sunshine!!! So of course these vagrant (30+ year old ) school kids are living it up!

The unfortunate side effect is that Syntagma square now smells like an english pub -- of spilled beer and urine -- 8 o'clock and there's a queue stretching out of Mc'donalds onto the road.
8 o'clock and there are dozens of poms walking around with two beers in their hands, i assume they drank the other four from the six pack.

So if you want to experience this go pop on by and have a beer with them, but if you do
remember to step really carefully.

Does that sign say Mum i'm gay?

Well why not if thats how he wants to express himself.

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Unknown said...

Many of the "vagrants" have been left without hotels. On arriving in Athens they've found travel agents and hotels have double-booked accomodation leaving them with nowhere to stay.