Thursday, May 24, 2007

The day after!

A lone Liverpuddlian sleeps it off next to another vagrant.

Well its over and Milan finished conquerers, beating Liverpool 2-1.
It was an exciting match, with Liverpool hammering away at goal for the fist half. But unfortunately not managing to get past the excellent defence of Milan.

Which brings me to an interesting point for those of you surviving Athens, the sports commentators on the state run channel here suck, or should i say SUCK with capitals. They are so incompetent they make monkeys look like geniuses. That's because they are incapable of making any intelligent comments on the match. It's always 'lathos' a mistake by the attacker. Not once did they say good defence by the defenders! And to top it off they didn't know who was playing. They knew this match was coming yet they made no effort to find out.

All through the first half the commentator was calling Liverpool player Kuyt - Couch. At half time he made a comment that "The correct pronounciation of his name is Couch and that's how the English pronounce his name and they should know". Why the English should know how to pronounce a Dutch name, i don't know. Then 15 minutes before the end, Crouch comes on and low and behold Kuyt is called Kuyt. Where did Couch Go?!

Nowhere! It's just that the commentator was an idiot, no, he was an idiot and a half. I bet he was the same guy he yelled for an offside during a Basketball match. *sigh*
If you wanna survive in Athens you have to get used to the idea that idiots are everywhere in high places, and especially on state run tv!

On a side note, local council cleaners spent over 8 hours cleaning up the mess made by the Liverpool supporters in Syntagma square. They estimate that 200 litres of cleaning products were used to get rid of the stench of urine and beer, and over 98 tonnes of aluminium beer cans were collected.
Despite their best efforts however the place still smells.
Maybe there should be an open festival held this weekend in Syntagma selling air freshners? It's just an idea.

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