Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Notes on a long weekend

Yesterday, Monday, was a public holiday here in Greece, i believe it was Aghios Pneuvmatos (correct me if i am wrong) which does not translate into Saint Lung, but something like Holy Spirit.

So since it was going to be a long weekend i decided to stock up on emergency food, basically bread, cheese and ham. If all else failed, i could make myself something to eat - no worries, i wouldn't starve. And of course as is always the case in these situations but that a friend sees me. Over she comes, has a look in my basket and of course notices the lack of fruit, vegetables and any real food in the basket.
So of course she thinks typical guy living by himself incapable of feeding himself beyond a ham and cheese toast. But i can do more than that, honest! (I have pickles at home! Another good emergency food) Anyway after that, partly from the embarrassment, i went by a new Organic shop that has opened up near me.
Living in Athens i am quite lucky because the open air fruit and veg markets are excellent! You can find excellent quality fruit and veg at very cheap prices, especially compared to Australia. Unfortunately because of work i can't make it that often. So this organic shop is a good alternatitive. I have noticed quite a few of them opening up over the recent years and you should pop in because as i discovered they have a whole lot more. Things like Organic Beer from Crete, Wines from all over Greece as well as cheese, milk, bread fruit and veg. Fantastic!
I left the store with some fruit, some really crispy apples as well as Hazelnut milk which made for a great ingredient in pancakes. They added a real nutty flavour to them.
So pop into and try them out!

BBC Bias in their reporting
Thanks to those of you out there who gave me a heads up on the BBC reporting on the Final in Greece last week. I managed to catch some of their reports. While Athens was inundated with English fans for the final and did cause a mess (see previous posts) they did behave themselves. They didn't riot or attempt to overthrow the government. The BBC reports on match night made it sound as though the English were rioting everywhere in the streets and that the police were clubbing anyone they could find. Why did they feel the need to hype everything up? Why were their journalists so sloppy or did they just want to make headlines out of nothing?

So what did i eat on the weekend you ask?
Ham and cheese toast. This week i will cook something, i promise!

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