Monday, May 21, 2007

Champions League comes to Athens

Soccer fever strikes Athens!
Soccer fuels strikes in Athens!
For those unfortunate enough who get off at the Metro station Syntagma, they already know that soccer fever is here.
I say unfortunate because they have set up a number of stalls and booths in Syntagma which means that one has to run an obstacle course to cross the square. This inevitably happens in Syntagma which is often the site for numerous such gimmicks.
Otherwise it's all right, they have a little mini soccer pitch on one side (great for the kids) and on the other side are a couple of stalls pushing the various sponsors of the event. This translates into a mini-bar pushing a well known beer, a credit card where you can get your photograph virtually taken with the trophy (The trophy is not present at Syntagma square so you can hold up your hands and they can digitally add the trophy later) as well as a well known gaming/computer/television screen company. Unfortunately no one was giving away any free samples.
What they did have was 'Your Opportunity to Decide' . You could vote yes or no to the question "If a player swears at the Referee, should this be an instant red card send off".
For your information i did ask a qualifier "How bad the insult" but that wasn't an option.

But an interesting side note to this is that the Police of Athens are on a 'symbolic' strike till the game. What this means is that Syntagma is now full of Liverpool supporters sleeping on the benches with no police to move them on.

Fantastic. So if you are heading down Syntagma way, careful on where you step.

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Unknown said...

Come on man, let the people (including Liverpool's funs) enjoy the final!!! Be positive ;-)